Monday, September 20, 2010

Got your own NodePony yet?

My NodePony & ThinkGeek Monkey
I've often wondered where ponies came from.

Over the weekend,
I discovered a closely guarded secret...

...and I thought I'd share.

The backstory, the Internode story:
Most people think of ISP's (the companies that provide us with the interwebs) are big, faceless and unforgiving corporations. I've tried my best to stay away from the major ISP's because I hate feeling like another customer that nobody really cares about.

Another major issue I have with ISP's is how calling up for tech support often means talking to someone who knows less then I do about the interwebs! But luckily enough I haven't had to worry about these sort of issues.

My NodePony guarding the iPad
For years I've been a proud Internode customer and it's been great! The thing I love about Internode is how they seem to love the interwebs just as much as i do. That theory is supported by the fact that two or three times I've had to call tech support in something like 10 years, they've answered the phone (yes I called them at 11pm).

They spoke great English, and even though they clearly had some pre-written steps to follow they asked me the right questions and used their brain to process the answers and solve the problem, I wasn't talking to a zombie-robot? Intenode also update their infrastructure and plans on a regular basis...and they let me know when they do.

The Pony Story:
"So what does this have to do with ponies?" you ask. Well it's simple, I'm talking about NodePonies.

A long, long time ago someone mysterious thought it would be a great idea to have NodePonies. Sometimes life can get too serious and leave you feeling down. Sometimes, just sometimes, something comes along to remind you to smile, that it's okay to have a little bit of fun and that we can make the world a better place just by changing our attitudes =D

My NodePony looking all Magical-like
So is this just a post to sell some NodePonies? As a proud owner of a NodePony I can happily say these guys aren't for sale. They're very selective about who they live with so they generally only hang out with Internode customers. My NodePony spends the day with my thinkgeek monkey while I'm at work (although I'm thinking they might enjoy chillin with me at work, I'll have to ask them).

Since NodePonies have been released into the wild we've seen a general increase of happiness around the world, I'd say job well done.

I'll try and keep a small NodePony list as I find NodePonies out in the wild, let me know if you want me to add your NodyPony (if you'd rather keep your NodePony secret let me know and I'll remove it from the NodePony list).

The NodePony List (Ponies from the wild):