Sunday, October 24, 2010

23 jQuery Plugins giving you facebook functionality

I like facebook, and I like jQuery, so why not talk about both of them! In this post you'll find 23 great jQuery Plugins that give you facebook-style functionality, because who wants to write their own plugins from scratch when there are some real great jQuery plugins waiting to found.

If you love jQuery plugins and want to add a little bit of facebook to your own site then head on over to

On the list is:
Facebox - jQuery-based, Facebook-style lightbox. Displays images, divs, remote webpages.
Facebook-like registration form using jQuery
Facebook-like textbox dropdown (jQuery Plugin)
Tipsy - Facebook-style tooltip plugin for jQuery
Facybox - jQuery-based, facebook/Fancybox-style lightbox
FCBKcomplete - fancy facebook-like dynamic inputs with auto complete
Facebook style jQuery Chat
Display collapsed Comments like facebook with jQuery and a little bit of ajax
Elastic - Make textareas grow facebook style with (jQuery plugin)
Facebook style wall post application (jQuery and ajax)
Facebook like multi toggle comment box with jQuery and PHP
Facebook like suggestion with jQuery content appears and disappears
TextboxList jQuery Plugin
Facebook Autocompletion jQuery Plugin
Facebook style auto suggest with jQuery
Facebook style Image editing jQuery Plugin
Facelist jQuery Plugin
How to create a facebook friend selecter using jQuery and PHP
Facebook style photo tagging with jQuery, Ajax & Joomla
Facebook style information box with jQuery
Facebook style Ajax pagination with jQuery
Facebook Style Alert Confirm box with jQuery & CSS
Boxy - Facebook-like Dialog Overlay with Frills

By taking advantage of some of these plugins you can create some really great apps and offer your users a great UI.