Wednesday, October 20, 2010

jQuery vs the world why nobody should javascript alone

People are lazy. least I am. The great thing about the Internet and Open Source projects is the ability to benefit from other people's work. Don't get me wrong, there's always great paid (and closed source) software too but sometimes there's a need to be more,

So we know jQuery is an open source Javascript Library, but how much do we really know about jQuery?

What is jQuery
jQuery is a library of pre-written JavaScript that allow for more rapid development. With jQuery you can build Rich Internet Applications, you can take advantage of jQuery to visually enhance applications or save time and use some pretty impressive client-side logic to assist the server-side code. A major benefit of jQuery is that it's cross-browser compliant.

Learning jQuery
If you're interested in learning jQuery then you're in luck. There's no shortage of resources either via websites online or good old books (you remember books right?). The jQuery website is a great resource, it's well written, easy to understand and the perfect point of reference, visit to check it out.

Here is a list of jQuery resources that you might find useful.

jQuery Plugins
You can extend the functionality of jQuery further by taking advantage of jQuery plugins. There's no shortage of plugins available for jQuery but not all plugins were created equal.

Here is a list of jQuery plugins that you might find useful.
jQuery Panel Gallery - Special effects for images, pause transitions.
jQuery Image Slider Plugin - Create simple, effective sliders for images of any size, caption & timer parameters.
Lettering JS - lightweight, easy to use jQuery plugin "Lettering Dot JS".
Accordion Plugin - Easy Accordion Plugin doesn't have too much HTML, is SEO friendly and uses CSS rotation to rotate slide titles, open source & free.
bMap - Mapping functionally, handles lots of markets, layers and custom market icons.
Embed Picasa Gallery - Integrate an interactive gallery showing images from Picasa
Colortips jQuery Tooltip Plugin - Change boring old titles into colorful tooltips