Monday, January 24, 2011

I've got 99 problems but design aint one

99designs is a brilliant concept, they do web design and the do it differently.

Rather then going to a designer and paying them money for a design (or two) 99designs allows you to source talent from all over the world, and only pay when you're happy with what you've got!

99designs allows you to setup a contest, where you write a brief about what you'd like in your final product (you pay 99designs a listing fee).
You then set prize money (the amount of money you'll give to the winner of the contest).
Designers from all over the world compete for your business, and you're able to communicate with them during the contest to give feedback and get more design iterations.
When the contest is over (it's time limited but you can extend it if required) you then review the entries and pick a winner.
Depending on your budget you could get 99 design entries...or more!
Intelectual Property is transfered at the handover stage, along with the money to the winner.

It's a simple process, and great for anyone on a budget who doesn't want to compromise on quality. Of course it doesn't replace the face-to-face time you'll get with a real designer, that's needed in some cases, and for some budgets it makes sense.

If you're a developer, but can't design to save your life, you can use your skills to create succinct briefs, give great feedback and get the designs that you've always wanted to be able to produce beautiful website for you clients (or yourself).