Sunday, February 27, 2011

SEO Rapper puts the PPC-MC in his place

Recently I posted about the SEO Rapper. I did some research, and even managed to get some feedback from Chuck himself. This lead to watching even more videos, and I even came across some interesting videos on youtube, like the PPC MC, Aaron Goldman. And this is where the story gets interesting...

So the PPC-MC (low on the rap talent, but he does know his Internet Marketing) is trying to get the SEO Rapper to do a live battle. As painful as it was to watch Aaron make a fool of himself trying to rap I didn't think much of it at the time, but it turns out Chuck may have taken the bait.

Personally I'm a little surprised that the PPC MC is taking this sort of risk, maybe it's a lot of fun, maybe it's just a publicity grab? Either way these video's are entertaining. It seems to me that Aaron is grasping at straws here. As Chuck points out the "SEO Rapper" is just a name, he does Internet Marketing, as as I've covered in my pervious post he'd already produced a video called Paid Search 101. A solid Online Marketing plan should take advantage of SEO & SEM both have their strengths & weaknesses.

If you ask me Arron has nothing on Chuck, the SEO Rapper has talent as a rapper and as a Search Engine & Internet Marketing Expert (and his video's are able to entertain and educate his audience too so his talents lend themselves to promotional videos and viral marketing activities).

So how will this this battle play out? Will we see a live battle? Only time will tell. For now I'll leave you with the lyrics of a true rapper/Internet Marketing Expert, the SEO Rapper's response to PPC MC.

SEO Rapper response to Aaron Goldman (PPC MC) battle Lyrics:
first things first let me put you in the know
I do internet marketing not just SEO
thats the name I use when I choose to spit these lyrics
now turn ya speakers up cause I want you to hear this
I'm only doing this once so you can bow out gracefully
if I do it again, next time you gotta pay for me,
The SEO Rapper has climbed into the ring
sit back, take notes let me share a couple things
if you the MC that means I'm the king
I was doing pay per click b4 microsoft started bing
I know you get a faster return financially
I know about inserting keywords dynamically
about ad groups and keyphrase investing
budgeting, geo targeting, a and b testing
you want to battle me Aaron Goldman
you must be on drugs, Lohan
I did this without writing, no hands
I put you in my junk mail, postman
ha, won't bring seo into the picture
you know I got it mastered don't get it twisted
good luck with what you doing, I hope it pays
but I don't think you gonna make it, Google wave
trying to find me to battle, don't go there
easy to find where I check-in, four square
I'm on the first page, call me wikipedia
ppc, seo and social media
re-marketing too, I do it all jack,
you probably do too, but your flow wack
thought I was coming weak what did you expect
you get no clicks from me, bad ad text
clients get on the first page with my assisting
organic, sponsored and local, triple listing
I go hard, u can call me an over acheiver
and you, u need a snickers acting like a diva
this was fun, I hope I made it worthwhile
I'm a top position snatcher, e-webstyle
keep my clients happy call it service with a smile
I'm done with you, saved and put you in a file
I can train you with my podcast on ustream,
every friday with ewebstyle, 9:15
lets see, I covered everything so I think I'm done
PPC, check Paid Search 101
did that 3 years ago, this old news
and people still watching over 90 thousand views
AG, don't take it personal its fun and games,
stay in your lane, you can market but your rap is lame
I'm bout to finish up with no hook
leave the rapping to me you keep writing books